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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 19, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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leafe levine. thanks for joining us. >> i was impressed by tigered. we showed compassion, a sincere apology from a man who knew he wronged many. i think he was very pointed and very specific and maintained eye contact with everyone in the room. i think he apologized to every segment, every person he felt was affected by his transgression was touched on in that statement. >> michael, let me ask you early on before the press conference people were questioning the pr advice he was given, not taking questions. how the situation would be handled. in the end, now that we've heard his statement, what do you think? >> i must say, i don't know if she watched the same press conference i saw. he looked very nervous to me. he looked like a hehemophiliac. it was long, a lot longer.
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>> it wasn't a press conference. it was a statement because the press wasn't allowed to ask questions. >> i do believe he met every literal criteria he was supposed to make in terms of humility, personal contrition and responsibility, but he also thought he looked very, very uncomfortable. >> i guess you would, if you've got 13, 15, 16 mistresses coming out and your mother is sitting right across as you make this apology to the world. let me play one portion where he talked about bitterly disappointing people. >> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. i have made you question who i am and how i could have done the things i did. i'm embarrassed i put you in this position. >> michael, you talk about his appearance and what he looked like. what was he supposed to do. if he walked in with a stroll, they would talk about him being
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cocky and not appearing humble. >> i do think you're right. he is in kind of a can't-win situation right now. i think this is part of a process. today was the beginning step. remember, he took for 13 weeks a kind of nuclear media onslaught unlike anything i've ever seen in my life. so it's pretty remarkable attempt at trying to begin a process of healing. i've told people and i believe strongly, this is going to be a very long walk up a really steep hill. >> i want to say what he had to say to the parents of children who admire him. listen to this. >> parents used to point to me as a role model for their kids. i owe all those families a special apology. i want to say to them that i am truly sorry. >> marvette, combine that with the hug, the embrace he gave his mother at the end of his speech,
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those were parts of the speech and parts of the day that hit home to a lot of people. then just a few hours later you have one of the mistresses coming out. who will he ever be able to improve this image when you have, within an hour apart, these conflicting images of tiger woods. a guy hugging his mother and this former porn star saying, he told me he loved me. >> very easily. we will forgive tiger like everyone else. we've bestowed similar forgiveness on high-profile figures. >> have you seen this? >> makes you wonder what the agenda is. it's a moral not criminal act. for us to remember, we have to remember this is an imperfect man living in an imperfect society. >> we know accenture, at&t, tag
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heu heuer. what do you think? >> america is a for giving nature. if he keeps to his word, the humble, personally responsible and contrition, i think over the long arc. >> will he ever be a million dollar pitchman again? >> he must go back to golf and win. if he doesn't go back to golf and win, he'll be an interesting answer in a trivia pursuit. >> will he go back? >> yes, if he brings his a game, those endorsers will return happily. >> you both agree, it's what he does on the green. thank you. team vancouver, as usa continues to dominate. evan lysacek brings home the first gold medal in figure skating in two decades. evgeni plushenko had to settle
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for a silver despite landing a flawless jump. wiping out here. julia mancuso turned in another performance to take home silver in the usa. hannah teter and kelly clark soared to silver and bronze. nbc's chris jansing following the excitement. some of the best play by play i think i've heard was from you today explaining the atmosphere and what was happening out there with the men's figure skating. it was awesome. >> it was unbelievable. it was absolutely electric. i'm telling you that place was rocking. rarely have i been to an event where there was so much tension. i describe it as a super bowl atmosphere. you get to these last six skaters. you have clearly the best two skaters in the world, two toughest positions, skating first and last. you have evan lysacek putting in a flawless performance followed by evgeni plushenko who pulls
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that quad off. i'm telling you, we were all holding our breath to see who would come out on top. in the end it was the american, the first american to take home olympic gold since 1988. there's a lot of buzz about the fact after it was over plushenko said he had one, his coach said he was robbed. before he went to the silver podium, he stepped up on the gold podium. people really gasped at that. in the end, it was not only the american who was the best skater last night but i think also showed the most olympic spirit, tamron. >> we're looking for bode miller and perhaps great success with him. >> bode miller came in here. nobody knew what to expect after that spectacular flameout, of course, four years ago. he took bronze earlier.
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now he and ted ligety, both contenders in super g. that's something weave we'll be following closely. can he continue with his medal winning performances here in vancouver. >> it would be nice to see him find redumpings there. it was a really tough time for him in italy. let's move onto men's hockey. what do we have coming up? >> we have so much excitement coming up. last night alone, there were two games that went into a shoot-out. this is going to be one of the most exciting tournaments i think we've seen in a very long time. we're going to be focusing a lot on the weekend's big game between team usa and canada. comparisons are being made to the approach that they are using with team usa, which is kind of a younger team to what happened in 1980 with the miracle on ice. very big confrontation, usa-canada. even playing out last night with the figure skating. some team rivalry there. >> we'll check back in a few
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minutes. team usa remains on top with 18, germany with 11, norway into third with eight. we'll keep you up to date and check back in with chris shortly. developing now, nbc news has learned that new jersey democratic senator frank lautenberg has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. aides say it is curable. they say the 86-year-old senator will begin chemotherapy today and plans to return to work between treatments. he's been hospitalized since falling at his new jersey home monday. in this hour president obama will be meeting with business leaders and members of the las vegas chamber of commerce. he's just at the tail end of a town hall meeting in henderson, nevada, where he fielded tough questions on the economy and health care. the president is also campaigning. former majority leader harry reid facing a tough re-election bid in that state. he made a plug for reid during a q&a session on health care reform agenda. >> health care has been knocking me around pretty good.
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it's been knocking harry around pretty good. harry has shown extraordinary courage. he said, you know what, barack, we're going to get this done. i know it's costing me politically but it's important, the right thing to do. >> the president has not focused exclusive on helping democrats like senator reid who faces tough races in the midterm election. the white house and department of education have just announced a contest with high school students. the prize, the president will give a commencement speech at the winning school. melanie barnes, director of the domestic policy council is with us. melanie, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me, tamron. >> no matter who the president is, it is awesome to have the president at your commencement, let alone a public high school. tell us a little about this contest? >> reporter: absolutely. can you remember who the speaker was at your high school commencement? if it were the president, my guess is we'd remember. >> i can't remember.
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>> we're excited about this. this is called race to the top high school commencement challenge. what we're doing is asking high schools to submit applications to us, answering essay questions as well as to send us a video to tell us why their high school should be the recipient of the president for their high school graduation. we're going to start accepting applications. that process will close on march 15th, then the winner will be named at the end of april. we're very, very excited about this. this goes hand in glove with the focus the president and secretary of education have given to education this yore. the president realizes that this is a very, very important thing, if we're, in fact, going to grow our economy. we have to make sure that our students are ready to go on to exciting careers and that they are able to go onto college. >> the president said he wants the nation to have the highest proportion of college brauts in the -- graduates in the world, his goal by 2020.
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people who are concerned with the budget freeze, freeze in spending, some of the educational programs that helped kids throughout the country may be on the chopping block. >> in fact, the president has invested heavily in education in the budget we just sent to the congress. he shows he puts his -- he walks the walk on this issue. again we recognize while a high school diploma is an important personal moment for a student, it is also important for the country if we're ready to make sure students are ready to compete in our global economy. we started this with our race to the top program back almost a year ago when we asked states to compete and tell us how they are going to make sure they are recruiting, retaining the best teachers, how they are doing to turn around low-performing schools. making sure we set appropriate standards, again, so our kids can compete globally and nationally. states have accepted that competition willingly, that challenge. in fact, 41 states have sent in
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applications evenly divided almost between republican and democratic governors. we're excited about all the energy around education. we think this is a bipartisan issue, and this challenge is just a part of it. in fact, if people want to learn more about it, they should go to white and learn more in the commence men challenge. >> i think it's a great challenge. melanie, i have to ask you, who spoke at your high school graduation. >> same way i got you the way you got me, i can't remember. >> bill cosby spoke at my college. >> that's a good one. >> all right. thank you very much. in las vegas, how many are hoping the president's visit will help kick-start the local economy and the housing market there? also big name, conservatives still together in washington. former vice president dick cheney wowed the crowd on the first day. a look at what's going on today. later the american athlete
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live in our control room at the headquarters for msnbc. we have breaking news out of arizona where a three-year-old has been found safe after a massive search. listen to the details. she was spotted this morning three-quarters of a mile from her home. she disappeared last night with her dog while playing outside the family's home. the dog is now credited with keeping her safe in 30 degree temperatures overnight. the child has been taken to the hospital. she's treated for frostbite. they say because she snuggled with the dog overnight it kept
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her warm is why she survived. in vancouver, week one of the xxist winter olympiad. set a record, most medals won by an olympic team in one day. chris jansing is standing by. i think we can say it was a very good week. >> reporter: i would say beyond expectations. right here, 5:30 eastern time, a live update right here on all the events of the day in vancouver. i'll be joined by lester holt and willie geist. now we want to talk a little bit of hockey. it was only day three yesterday, 34,000 fans and the two gangs went to shoot-out. if you're wondering if hockey was going to be exciting, boy, is it. sarah is here from "sports illustrated." thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> it was really something yesterday. first of all you had the two
2:18 pm
games yesterday. canada survived a scare by switzerland profit absolutely. the two teams came out and started playing end to end hockey, really important. they were led by their goaltender who plays for the anaheim ducks, which was spectacular. they had a bunch of penalties. >> slovakia beating first ranked russia. >> that was a surprise. everybody talks about how russia is a powerhouse offensively. it doesn't seem to come together for them. that wasn't expected i don't think. that's one of the great things about this tournament. a good goalie and maybe a little bit of bad bounces one way or the other could really bring about some upsets. >> in 1980, boy, did the united states learn that. the miracle on ice. some people making compare sons to that team and this team. herb brooks brought along some young players and this is a young team. >> absolutely. it is a young team.
2:19 pm
probably the youngest since the nhl men entered the tournament in 1988. but i don't think it's completely fair to make the comparison straight off, because in 1980, you're talking about college students and kids that are not going to make the nhl, a lot of them. they were playing against quite possibly the best team in the world. that team had beaten nhl all stars a couple months earlier. for them to pull off that upset was truly a miracle. the united states were to come in and maybe pull off an upset, i don't think it would be a miracle, it would be very unlikely. >> very unlikely. actually, we're going to have you come back later in the show. we're going to talk about the upcoming usa-canada game. thanks for being here. we'll see you in a few minutes. tamron, back to you. >> that's a good tease. the new mitt romney, how the former massachusetts governor has emerged. some say he is the favorite son
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's's's's's's's 's's's's's's's's's's take back washington time, we got the fever. we've got the hope. we're ready for the change. >> so that, of course, complain congresswoman michelle bachmann of oklahoma, on day two cpac conference. some of the biggest names in the conservative movement. they will announce the winner of the straw poll contest where the conference attendees vote on their favorite presidential candidate, the person they want to see run. for the past two years, massachusetts governor mitt romney has taken home the title. this year there's more buzz about his prospect for 2012 after he won a rousing applause with the speech he gave yesterday. ryan grim with the "washington post" is with me.
2:24 pm
thanks for joining us. give me an idea of the mood of day two there. >> they are fired up here. i was here last year and the year before. everybody was down. people were talking seriously about the end of the conservative movement, whether or not this was the dawning of decades of liberal government. here they are they feel like they have been redeemed. they feel like they are coming out of the wilderness and, quote, ready to take the country back. the exact same kind of language you heard from democrats for eight years during the bush administration. >> i want to show the audience some of the fiery language we're talking about. this is what mitt romney had to say to the folks yesterday. take a listen. >> the gold medal that was won last night by american lindsey vonn has been stripped. it was determined president obama is going downhill faster than she has. president obama, nancy pelosi, harry reid and their team have
2:25 pm
failed the american people and that's why their majority will soon be out the door. >> ryan, as i mentioned, mitt romney won the last three straw polls. what is he looking for there? what is his role? >> his problem has always been that conservatives don't trust him. he talks like reagan. but wait, you're from massachusetts. you've had some positions that seem reasonable. how can the far right conservative base get behind you. what he's always tried to do is organize to prove to the conservatives across the country. look, i won the cpac, that means i'm conservative. >> they called it the rock star moment of the day yesterday, dick cheney surprising the crowd. here is what he said. >> the sky is the limit here. i think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year for the conservative cause.
2:26 pm
and i think barack obama is a one-term president. >> so ryan, i guess the crowd was chanting run, dick, run. you've got some believing he upstaged someone who could really be a candidate, which is mitt romney. is this an example these two people speaking at this conference, they are not being a true leader here at the conference or within the republican party? >> dick cheney really is their leader. they absolutely love dick cheney here. he is as good as it comes if they can't with ronald reagan. he really is their man here. >> which is striking. when he and bush left office, his approval rating was below 20%. what's behind it? is it because he has been the voice willing to go after the administration? >> that 20% has always been the
2:27 pm
most vocal part of the republican base. even at their darkest hour, he had that 20% support. they are quieter then. now they are much louder. this is where they are feeling their oats at a conference like this. >> reporting for us live at the cpac conference. we'll have more on the straw poll tomorrow. we want to know what you think. twitter us at let us know who you think the republican presidential candidate should be in a couple years. the business of las vegas. are the gambling establishments up and down the strip surviving in the economic downturn and will president obama's visit help in the housing market and the economy? first reaction on tiger woods breaking his silence from what we heard today to when he will get back on the golf course. talk with someone in that room and tell us more about what he saw when tiger reached and out hugged his mother after that conference. i've been an ameriprise financial advisor for 24 years.
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welcome back. some headlines in the past half hour. her court appointed attorney said the suspect in last friday's deadly attack at the university of alabama in huntsville is remorseful but doesn't remember anything about the shootings. also says it is likely biology professor amy bishop is, quote, in sane. she's accused of killing three colleagues and wounding others. deciding to run for the senate seat for evan bayh after the unannouncement he would not seek re-election. dow up about 12 points, s&p and nasdaq absolutely up as well. in 30 minutes president obama will speak to the las vegas chamber of commerce. the president just wrapped up
2:32 pm
that town hall meeting in henderson, nevada a short time ago of the president's visit to the state comes at a critical time. nevada's unemployment is the second highest in the nation. thirteen percent. the foreclosure rate in las vegas is high. it is the nation's highest. nbc's lee cowan has more. >> reporter: hey tamron, how are you? the president came amid comments the folks here didn't take too kindly too, especially the mayor, when he talked about people don't waste their money, blow their money on gambling in las vegas. he talked about health care at the town hall meeting. he did bring up the fact the foreclosures are high, unemployment is high as well. it's strange, because the economy here, vegas used to be immune. not only does it mirror what's going on in the rest of the
2:33 pm
country, it's a poster child for how bad the economy can get attachment a look. >> reporter: what happens in vegas many wish wouldn't stay in vegas anymore. the recession's numbers have been anything but lucky for nevada. it ranks among the top in the country. >> when you're number one, doing construction, building houses, hotels, doing these things, when you're at the top of your pinnacle and the bottom goes out, you're number one going down again. >> reporter: the biggest hit, construction jobs. those casinos on steroids, once popping up like daisies along the strip wilted under financing pressure. a new $8.5 billion development just opened, it didn't make much of a dent in unemployment, which hover around 13%, the second highest in the nation. at the potato valley cafe, a local hangout just off the strip, that means a lot fewer customers. by about half. >> i'm used to seeing some
2:34 pm
people every day or at least two or three times a week. those people i'm lucky to see twice a month. >> when convention business slowing, catering business is slowing down. even her workday lunch crowd has dwindled to a trickle. >> people with job security don't right now. that's my customers. >> still as bad as the job market has been, nevada's mortgage meltdown has been even worse. the foreclosure rate is the highest in the country, nearly four times the national average. >> once the bubble burst, there was no more value in the home so it collapsed. >> shawn gates says the medium price of a home in 2006 was over $383,000. now that very same house is worth $165,000. >> new home builders cannot sell a home for what it cost to build it. >> gaming is the most obvious sign of lost revenues but vega depends on a lot more, high-end
2:35 pm
retail and restaurants do the the landscape, too. with tourism down, they are suffering as much as the car dealers are. ♪ >> reporter: still it is a place of fantasy. despite it all, most say don't bet against a vegas come back. >> vegas is vegas. it is what it is. it's not going to change. it's going to go forward. >> reporter: tamron, there have been some encouraging signs lately. the gaming industry is doing a little betterment some of those revenues. last month was some of the best month in recent memory anyway for the convention business. tourism is coming back. all of that is doing relatively well. the job creation is lagging behind. that's what's going to drive the recovery. >> i'm going to ask you quickly. people made a big deal about some folks in nevada being upset with the president, specifically las vegas about saying don't go blow all your money there. is all forgiven? >> well, i think his appearance went a long way to offering some of that forgiveness. look, i think a lot of people
2:36 pm
understood more or less what he was trying to say, not a slam on las vegas but a suggestion to be careful with your money. but it certainly did touch a nerve here, as things are so bad here. the fact he came to talk about the economy, business leaders said that went a long way. just the fact he was here, it isn't a place to ignore. >> the shot behind you is beautiful. that should encourage people to get out to las vegas if you have the money. >> that fountain isn't on. >> now back to the story regarding tiger woods. he addressed one of the major questions about his future. >> i do plan to return to golf one day. i just don't know when that day will be. when i do return, i need to make my behavior more respectful of the game. >> joining me to talk a little more about tiger, his statement and what happens next is nationally syndicated radio h t
2:37 pm
host. a lot of people thought tiger was going to announce his return. he did not. >> he needs more time in rehab and to settle things with his family, particularly his wife elin. we know what's been reported, allegations of multiple, multiple affairs. he has some work at home. she was not in attendance. neither he or her have been seen wearing wedding rings. he has trouble at home. no question. that has to take priority. >> most of us are not under that magnifying glass but you go to work when you lose someone in your family, have marital problems yourself. when does this guy get back to work? >> you're asking the wrong person. for me i would do it immediately. whether it's seven, 10, 19, 12 different women clearly as you admitted today, you have been cheating on your wife seriously. when you take that into considering, that's the last person i want to be around under
2:38 pm
those conditions. >> you're saying already. >> back to work. >> does golf need him to return? >> golf needs him. he is golf. he makes it go. he's a sensational golfer, the best in the world. he brings attention to the sport. right now it's unwelcomed attention. one of the untold stories you see a lot of golfers keeping their distance. why? maybe some of them are doing dirt, too. they don't want that kind of attention brought to their sport. i'm throwing that out there. >> you threw it out hard. speaking of the mentality not only with golfers, some other professional athletes, this is what tiger said about why he had all of these affairs. >> i thought i could get away with whatever i wanted to. i felt i had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. i felt i was entitled. >> what do you think of him saying that. >> that was accurate. that was accurate. definitely if you're a guy 34 years of age.
2:39 pm
you've made a billion dollars. you have women throwing themselves at you every senile day, every single city and every single state you visit. there is no question loads and loads of temptation was thrown in his direction. he felt he could exercise that temptation to some degree. i do believe that was one of the few sincere things he had to say today. >> overall you don't? >> no. i thought it was fake, choreographed. >> what was fake about it? >> the words themselves were entirely accurate, but the presentation of those statements, he came across as very, very detached, very scripted. i'm of the mind-set when i see somebody scripted and detached, i think they are faking it. >> detached and scripted. he won't give interviews unless you tell him what you're asking. he's always been this person who is a hand's off kind of guy. how is it different? >> different in this particular situation because you've been busted. remember, the whole process of lying is something he initiated. the accident to the fire hydrant
2:40 pm
and tree took place, he came out with the cockamamy story. he refused to show up to police and explain what happened. he kept his distance. >> what does he need to do? you've got nike saying, listen, our door is open. you pointed out some golfers may not be happy to him. gillette has him on hold. tag heuer has him on hold. >> they will bring him back. he is golf. they will make money. his image won't recover as a man, it will as a golfer. >> he'll be a ld b billion dollar endorser. >> no, but remember you can't take back the billion he's already got. he's fine. he's shown himself relatively weak in this regard. >> after this next athlete scandal, when are people going to get past this oh, my goodness i thought they were a role model. >> this is an unpopular thing to say but it's necessary. the men have been passed this. the women are not for obvious
2:41 pm
reason. because of that the men have to pretend they aren't past it so they won't alienate their women. >> okay. thank you, steven. evacuations are about to begin in 200 homes across los angeles. heavy rain triggered mudslides last week. another storm expected to move in tonight dumping an inch and a half of rain in areas left barren by wildfires. could another sex scandal net a supermarket tabloid the pulitzer prize. let's get the scoop from courtney, pop culture queen. "national enquirer" breaks one of the biggest stories we've had in recent memory, the john edwards scandal, denying his child. the "national enquirer" came out in 2009 with dna tests that proved that was his child. finally you had him admitting what had gone on. naturally i think any news organization who broke that sort of story would want to do, they
2:42 pm
threw their name in the hat for the pulitzer prize. initially there was talk they wouldn't be considered because of their tabloid status. it's been confirmed by people close to the pulitzer committee this they are, indeed, being considered for the pulitzer. >> that's incredible. >> i think it's entirely fair. among things the "national enquirer" revealed, it basically led to the grand jury probe that will be finding out more about that in, i believe, next month, whether he mismanaged campaign donations and all types of funding. i think they did fantastic reporting in this case. is it the "national enquirer" at the end of the day? yes. why should something considered a tabloid not be capable of hard news reporting and be punished because what they are seen at the supermarket news stand. interesting. we'll see how that plays out. this weekend after thinking about tiger woods please go to the movies. the big talk "shutter island" martin scorsese and leonardo
2:43 pm
dicaprio. this was supposed to come out in october pushed to february 19th because of the economy. a lot of people thought it might be a bad movie. february is historically a month where movies go to die. studio paramount said releasing in the fourth quarter would have been devastating. >> go to for information. a preview of finals. one athlete's journey to vancouver. it is inspiring coming up. it's a rule of nature.
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back live in vancouver. today team usa women go for gold in skeleton. skeleton riders slide head first down the same track as the luge and bobsled.
2:47 pm
one american's incredible journey to vancouver comes after a serious accident. nbc's jim has more. >> reporter: speed is oxygen, she loves racing on the equivalent of a cookie sheet. >> sprinting and difrg on your stomach head first. >> her olympic journey, four years ago in her trademark hot pink soot, she was number one in the world, the favorite to win the gold in torino, until a freak accident training in calgary ended her dream and could have killed her. >> i look over my shoulder, here comes this big black four-man bobsled weighs 1,000 pounds, coming down the track, 60, 70 miles an hour. it was too late. >> the bobsled out of control sent her flying 15 feet in the air. >> the bones came out right in here. >> reporter: a compound fracture
2:48 pm
of her right leg 114 days before the games. at that point noel could have hung up her sled for good and few, if any would have questioned her decision. but she was only beginning the hardest race of her life. >> pushing her body and training every day. by sheer grit she made the olympic team but only as an alternate. she was devastated. >> i should have been there and i could have done well. i guess it didn't mean so much to me until after i knew it was gone. >> reporter: but pace went on to win the race with god's help. >> first, it comes to faith. i couldn't have done it or come this far without his help. >> reporter: or the families. in 2008, she walked away from the sport and into a settled life with husband jansing and their baby daughter lacy. but something went missing, her
2:49 pm
olympic dream. >> i want to see my little girl turn me on and i want her to know what it's taken me to get there and i never gave up. >> reporter: so noelle came back again. despite new stress fractures she's one of team usa's hopes for a medal. after vancouver she says she'll retire for good, become a full time mom and seek other measures. no matter how it turns. >> doesn't matters what happens just how the you react to it. >> nbc news, vancouver. >> still ahead we'll turn our attention to hockey. my interview with the captain of the team. this is msnbc. dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time!
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remains on top with 18,
2:53 pm
germany in second place with 11. a shake-up in third place, norway ahead of france with eight. we have more olympic hockey action for you on msnbc. today the men from sweden take on belarus. coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern. that will be followed by our olympic update show host bid me, lester holt, and willie geist live from vancouver. on sunday you can watch american men's hockey team take on canada. that will be 7:00 p.m. eastern. we are back live now in vancouver where there has been high drama in the hockey tournament. two shootouts, an american woman making olympic history. joining me to talk about all of it, olympic gold and silver medalist cammi granato. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> the leader russia loses, how unpredictable is this men's tournament. >> it's very unpredictable. that's what makes it exciting. they have introduced shootouts in preliminary play. that proved to be a fan
2:54 pm
favorite. two games where the fan was into it. i was glued to the tv. it was great hockey. >> what should we look for with team usa canada. that's a big one for our fans? >> when you look on paper canada has more depth in every aspect. the u.s., being the underdog, playing really good hockey. >> really young team. they are playing with high energy, throwing everything at the net, using speed. ryan miller, i think it's going to be a good game. usa women going into the semifinals against sweden who gave them heartbreak four years ago. >> you know what, sweden is not the same team they were in torino. unfortunately for the game, it would be nice if they showed up. they haven't. no production on two best offense ifr players, goaltender so big in torino not playing well. most likely going to look like u.s.-canada final. >> you are the biggest name in women's hockey, you held the olympic american record ten
2:55 pm
goals in a tournament. you were surpassed by natalie. >> i wanted to text her and say, come on. >> only three games. >> she shattered it. >> she's hot. >> she is. she's playing really good hockey because jenny potter has been getting a lot of publicity, she had two hat tricks in the first and second. we were talking about potter and she's sliding in here. she's having a great tournament. >> great play going on. we're so happy to have it on msnbc. thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> that's it from here in vancouver. tamron, back to you. >> a lot of excitement. our coverage will continue. watch the wrap-up. men's hockey continues from vancouver as sweden takes on belarus. a big night and of course a big weekend. the excitement continues. we'll keep it going live from vancouver. thanks to chris jansing for being with us all week long. more ahead on msnbc. to deliver t anticipate the future, today.
2:56 pm
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welcome to the vancouver olympics. time for men's hockey. sweden and belarus. and two of the big reasons that sweden is a medal contender are the sedin twins. henrik sedin who plays here in vancouver, second in the nhl in points behind only alex ovechkin. and daniel sedin. he also plays here in vancouver, of course, and he's been tremendously productive as well. fourth in the nhl in points per game behind only ovechkin, his brother, and sidney crosby. woo welcome you to canada hockey place. our home for everything hockey in these vancouver olympics. hi, everybody, bill patrick alongside mike milbury and jeremy roenick.


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